Amarillo pumping station overflows

Amarillo pumping station overflows

Amarillo, TX - An overflow at a pumping station results in the city of Amarillo losing an estimated hundreds of thousands of gallons of water.

The city says a pump station near northeast 24th street had a system malfunction, causing the ground storage tanks to overflow.

The issue was fixed within a few hours and city officials say it posed no threat to the public or the environment.

Floyd Hartman with the city of Amarillo says the overflow was out to the ordinary, but they have a system in place for situations like this.

"This is abnormal, this is a system malfunction of some kind that did not allow the valve to be closed properly. What happens here is the water goes out of system and runs out of the street and it is not put back in the system. So there is no concern health wise. The tanks are built to overflow under these conditions."

Operators had to manually close the valve to stop the overflow.

The city estimated that around 100,000 to 500,000 gallons of water was lost in the incident.

The overflow will cost the city about as much money as a water main break.