Local youth shelter prepares for reopening

Local youth shelter prepares for reopening

Amarillo, TX - After being closed for renovations, an area youth shelter is almost ready to reopen.

The Catholic Charities of the Texas Panhandle youth shelter has been closed since last April, but if all goes as planned it should reopen by the end of the month. The shelter administrator said shutting down the facility for the renovations wasn't easy.

"There's a huge need in our area, especially for emergency placement," said Sonja Steelman. "We wish there wasn't, but it's there. So for us as an agency, the pressure has been on to get it done so we can provide those beds to the kids so they have a place to go that's safe, warm and welcoming."

Once completed, the remodeled shelter will house double the amount of children it did before with a total of 30 beds. Steelman said the renovation cost almost $250,000 and that local children really stepped up to help. "Most of the volunteer work, if not all of it, has been done by kids groups."

This includes painting walls, stocking a closet full of donated games, and raising money for a ping pong table. "It's been really neat to have local groups of kids doing work at the shelter for the kids who will be here," said Steelman.

She said the shelter will reopen as soon as it passes inspection.

Madison Alewel - NewsChannel 10