Affordable housing proposed for the City of Borger

Affordable housing proposed for the City of Borger
Source: Overland Property Group
Source: Overland Property Group

Amarillo, TX - People commute to and from Borger everyday, but the City is hoping to soon change that.

The City says the proposed building would bring needed affordable housing to Borger.

A survey done by the Overland Property Group determined Borger needs around 300 new apartments.

"We need all areas of housing, we have a lot of people that drive in from Amarillo, Panhandle, Spearman and Pampa that works on a daily basis," said Dan Redd who is the CEO of Borger Economic Development.

Overland Property Group has proposed to turn the land at the corner of Florida and Wilson Streets into a 48 unit apartment building.

While Overland is still waiting on approval from the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs, the City already has a plan in place if the project is approved.

"Provided the project is approved we'll try to get the zoning done by August after that point we will be issuing building permits, reviewing the plans, so I think late summer, early fall if they project's approved they would start construction on it," Kenneth Petr who is the Director of Planning and Zoning said.

The City hopes this new apartment complex will encourage people who are currently working in Borger, but live elsewhere to settle down in the city.

"If we could get enough housing apartment type situation, we could have people that are driving from all over the Panhandle that works in Borger on a daily basis and how that would mean for Borger is they would be shopping at our restaurants, shopping at our grocery stores, buying their cars here, paying their bills here," said Redd.

The City tells us they've been through this before and the results were very successful.

"A couple of years ago we completed a project with another company, some new apartments and they filled up immediately, so I think the demand is there," Petr said.

Overland Property Group estimates the project to cost 7.5 million dollars to develop if approved.