City of Canyon's plans to conserve water

City of Canyon's plans to conserve water

Canyon, TX - The ongoing drought is causing problems for several west Texas counties and one of those counties is right here in the Panhandle.

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality released an updated list of counties throughout Texas facing short water supplies. In Randall county, the city of Canyon was on this list.

City officials say the winter months have helped them conserve water in the area but with the summer months approaching that could change, so they're putting a plan in place now.

Director of Public Works for the City of Canyon, Dan Reese says,"We do have some additional supplies that will be coming on line. Hopefully within the next 30 to 45 days, so hopefully that will kind of help buffer our higher usage during the peak time."

We're told another part of their plan is to put mild restrictions on outdoor watering. The Commission on Environmental Quality has rules that require the city to have their own water conservation plan and a drought contingency plan.

Canyon is suppose to report to the TCEQ on their water usage and current levels. That information is then used to prioritize which areas across the state need the most help.