Canyon Car Burglaries

Canyon Car Burglaries

Auto theft is on the rise in Canyon according to police there and just locking your doors isn't deterring criminals.

To most people we spoke with they told us they feel Canyon is a pretty safe place, but according to Canyon's chief of police while the city's  crime against people is low. . .crime against property is high.

A few Canyon residents agree they have noticed the increase as well.

Canyon resident, Don Johnston says, "It has seem like we've had a few more of that type of thing."

Canyon police say the main reason for this increase is people are leaving valuable items in plain sight, making their vehicles an easy target.

Chief of Police, Dale Davis says, "Take any valuables and take them away where people looking in your car won't be tempted to either break the glass or just open the door and get them."

Canyon city manager Randy Criswell says the rise in auto crime, while un-welcome seems  expected.

"Over the years, really has been very much what you would except with a city that grows." said Criswell.

Canyon police say their biggest hot spots for auto burglaries are the Hunsley Hills neighborhood  and the apartments along US 60.