TxDOT uses social media to reach teens

TxDOT uses social media to reach teens

Amarillo, TX - Relating to teens on a level they will understand and accept is why TxDOT is taking a new approach with their "Click It or Ticket" campaign.

This year TxDOT is taking their "Click It or Ticket" campaign to social media.

TxDOT is hoping to relate to teens with three different vine videos.

"We want to get them early and explain to them in a way  that they can understand how seatbelts can save their lives and how they need to wear them all the way through their driving experiences," said Paul Braun who is a Spokesperson for TxDOT.

TxDOT is hoping that this new social media campaign will encourage teens to buckle up.

"Teens are using social media, you need to go where the teens are, so that's why we're using Twitter and the Vine videos," Braun explained.

The videos demonstrate different scenarios teens can get into if they do not wear their seatbelt.

One shows a teen losing his driving privileges....another shows a teen who is short on money after paying a fine for not wearing his seatbelt...and the last one shows a teen who has to sit out of sports because she was injured in an accident.

TxDOT hopes not only will they reach teens on their level, it will also allow the teens to share the campaign with one another.

"It's very important to be able to talk to them in their own language through their own medium and through social media and that way they'll be able to accept that message more and be able to pass that message on to other teens because it's in a so called language that they can understand and appreciate and that's the language of social media," said Braun.

TxDOT reports that teen drivers are three times as likely to be involved in an accident compared to other drivers.