Court sides with Whataburger in hot gravy dispute

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) - An Oklahoma appeals court has ruled a mother is not entitled to recover any damages after her 7-year-old daughter spilled hot gravy on her leg after buying a meal from a fast food restaurant's drive-through window.
The Oklahoma Court of Civil Appeals ruled Monday in favor of the defendant, Whataburger, and upheld a lower court's ruling.
The child's mother sued the restaurant after she ordered a meal that included a Styrofoam bowl of heated gravy that spilled on her daughter's leg, resulting in second-degree burns.
The court determined the gravy was not unreasonably hot and that the family had eaten the same meal many times and should have ``known or expected the gravy to burn if spilled.''
Attorneys for the mother and Whataburger did not immediately return telephone messages.