Medication Cleanout Spreading

Medication Cleanout Spreading

The Texas Panhandle Poison Center officials say they started their Medication Cleanout because they wanted to reduce poisoning deaths occurring  throughout the Panhandle.

Every year the number of people helping and disposing medication at the Cleanout grows.

Director of The Texas Panhandle Poison Center, Dr. Jeanie Jaramillo said, "We've collected over 15,000 pounds of unused medications and had those disposed of properly."

Now what started out as a small program in Amarillo is spreading to other organizations in Texas.

"There are quite a few programs across the state now that are running." Said, Jaramillo.

These other organizations say they are modeling similar programs after the one at the Texas Panhandle Poison Center.

"At times I'm getting calls every week from other organizations who are asking how do we do it, how do we get law enforcement to participate." Said, Jaramillo.

Which is the ultimate goal for Texas Panhandle Poison Center- to get more organizations to have programs that will get unwanted medications out of the home so they don't harm people.

But the recognition is also a good feeling.

"It's extremely rewarding to know that we're setting an example for other programs and that they seek us out for advice on how to run programs." Said, Jaramillo.