Tumbleweed trouble

Tumbleweed trouble

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - All that wind we've seen the last few days has blown hundreds of tumbleweeds into Randall County.

They are no stranger to west Texas, but this year they seem to be making their presence known.

While many people tend to burn the weeds to get rid of them, with such dry and windy conditions, the Randall County Fire Department says that's just a bad idea.

"With the winds, it could create a lot of problems with the burning embers and burning weeds, tumbling across dry grass and igniting larger fires," said Deputy Fire Chief Dennis Gwyn.

For the Creely family, the battle against tumbleweeds is one that is often fought this time of year.

"This place gets filled and then the wind blows them over here and over here," Adam Creely said.

In order to get rid of the wild weeds, Creely says he chops them up with a lawn mower before throwing them out.

Deputy Chief Gwyn says this tactic is a good idea, and one that people show use, instead of burning their tumble weeds.

"We received a lot of phone calls from people wanting to know if the burn ban can be lifted so they can deal with those weeds. Trying to burn the tumbleweeds in Randall County with the burn ban is an extremely bad idea," he told us.

"Breaking them, crushing them, that's all we can offer at this time," Gwyn added.

If we get a considerable amount of moisture in the near future, the Fire Department says they will talk with County Commissioners to try and lift the burn ban.