Regulations vary for door- to-door salesmen

Regulations vary for door- to-door salesmen

Amarillo, TX - Did you know that while the City of Amarillo regulates door-to-door salesmen Potter County does not.

While there have been reports of door-to-door salesmen both inside the City of Amarillo and in Potter County, the way they are regulated by law enforcement is very different.

Inside the city limits of Amarillo if you want to be a door to door salesmen there are rules.

"We have a city ordinance that's established to try to prevent problems with people going door to door," said CPL Sean Slover with the Amarillo Police Department. "They put that in place there to try to have an idea of whose going to be out in our city walking door to door and if they are caught without that then they can be fined or arrested by the police officers."

And while the City does have an ordinance, Potter County does not have a way to regulate door- to-door salesmen.

"Unfortunately in the County we can't come up with a lot of the ordinances like the City does because we're not an incorporated city and so that's the reason why we don't have an ordinance out there," Sheriff Brian Thomas with the Potter County Sheriff's Department said.

But not having an ordinance in the County concerns some residents.

"I'm uncomfortable because I don't want to be scammed for sure, them trying to come into my home is what scares me," said Bushland Resident Leynelle Cherba.

Potter County says while they do not have an ordinance to regulate salesmen they will respond to any calls of suspicious behavior.

"We'll come out and check on them and make sure they're legitimate, make sure they have the paperwork they need that shows they are actually working for the company," Thomas said.

Both departments say if you see someone suspicious make sure to lock your door and call law enforcement.