Quitaque Baby Bison

Quitaque Baby Bison

For most people, the scenery at Caprock canyons state park in Quitaque is a big draw.

Park visitor, Addyson Ritter says, "It's a really beautiful place, so if you haven't been here I definitely recommend it. It seems really interesting...if you like to hike, or to ride bikes, I heard it's a really good place to come."

But another major park attraction is the bison herd.

Park superintendent, Donald Beard says, "The first year that we put the bison out was in 2011 and that following year our visitation was about 38,000 people then the following year after that it jumped up to 68,000 in one year."

Visitors at the park today say they were excited to be so close to the herd.

"Absolutely just overwhelmed. It's something that everybody in the state of Texas should come out here and get and see and do." said park visitor, Patrick Clemens

And now the bison herd is starting to grow even bigger.

"Our first calf born this year was February 28th and actually since then we've had another one on march 7th, we had our second." Said Beard.

Since the park expects more bison births, the park is in the middle of a habitat restoration project where they will design the park in such a way that the bison can be free throughout the entire park.

"It's going to be a Yellow Stone type of experience in Texas." Said Clemens.

The park is expecting a total of 25 baby bison by this spring.