New technology keeping officers and community safe

New technology keeping officers and community safe

TULIA, TX (KFDA) - A Texas based technology system is improving the safety for officers around the state.

Now one area department is taking part. We had the chance Wednesday to ride along with an officer in Tulia, to see the new COPsync computer system up and running.

The new technology has only been installed for a few weeks in all 9 of Tulia's police units.

Patrolman Javier Flores tells us what's unique about this technology is it's ability to communicate with other police stations that also have COPsync, in real time. Being able to do so allows them to share notes and quickly check on the status of diver who may have been pulled over. "It makes it easier for us having a lot of access to a lot of different information, being able to share information with various departments," he said.

The technology is also designed to help protect officers who are on duty. "If I'm in trouble or need help with something, I can just tap a little feature and it will alert the five nearest units. It gives them my GPS units, it lets them know where I am at and they can come to my assistance and come help me," Flores explained.

The system also comes in handy during a traffic stop. All officers need to do is swipe the driver's ID or license, and almost instantly, important information becomes available. With all of the new technology, offices say they are noticing it is taking less time at traffic stops to process paper work.

"Instead of being tied into a traffic stop for double the time, it takes about half the time to go ahead and get done what needs to get done, and be able to patrol more on the street and take care of the city," Flores said.

Grant money helped to fund the new technology.