Canyon Street Parking

Canyon Street Parking

The parking at 2300 on 4th Avenue seems to always be full...but it's not because of the booming business.

Chief of Police, Dale Davis says, "Once one starts parking there, the communication spreads and we'll start seeing more and more and more."

The students from West Texas A & M- have been parking in the area and leaving their cars there all day, leaving no room for customers to shop in the area.

Michaela Hart, owner of Hartland Antiques on 4th Avenue said, "This is a retail strip even though we're adjacent to the college if we can't get our customers in, what's the point in opening the doors."

Right now the parking in the area is only for one hour from 9-11:30 am. The city of canyon is changing the time to 8-5 PM. , helping the local merchants continue to do business.

"The time change also allow for the police department to have a larger we can enforce that." said Davis.

Which is already making some merchants very happy.

"As long as sign-age is clear, I think that's going to be corrects to the problem." said Hartland