Residents concerned the skate park on the North side of town needs updates

Residents concerned the skate park on the North side of town needs updates

Amarillo, TX - There are two skate parks in Amarillo and some residents are concerned the one located on Martin Road in North Amarillo is not getting the updates it needs because of its location.

Residents are asking why lights and fences have been put around the skating area at The John Stiff skate park and not the one on Martin Road.

Steffan Dandridge says the lack of upkeep at the skate park on the North side of Amarillo is making it unsafe to skate. "It is a safety thing mainly, the metal does not even go all the way around, I mean you have to be able to wax metal to skate across with your skateboard, well what are you going to do if about 4 inches and it just stops and its nothing but cement? you are going to fall"

Dandridge says the park does not get the updates it needs because of where it is located. "What do you do? Get up scrape yourself off ... we are on the north side. No one cares."

Rod Tweet with The City of Amarillo says location has nothing to do with what parks receive updates. "The fencing was put in because of the deep bowl. If you can imagine walking through the park at night and someone were to fall into the bowl, that is why the fencing was put in place. The lighting was a product of a leftover ball field that was taken down and used to do that."

The city says they have 64 parks and they update the parks based on which one needs the most updates at the time.

"When you put a new splash pad in one park, the other side of town, typically wants to know when they have one coming as well and I don't blame them at all ... but we look at our replacement program and try to follow that"

However, Dandridge says it is important to fix the problems at the skate park on Martin Road.

"I'm very happy we have a skate park on this side of town, we don't have too much to do here, but we make the best use out of it. But why don't we fix it so we can make even better use of it and it will be here for tomorrow's people".