Railroad company to make repairs after bridge fire

Railroad company to make repairs after bridge fire

Borger, TX - Repairs are being planned out to fix a trestle train bridge which was destroyed due to an accidental fire near Borger on Tuesday.

There is now a large gap where a bridge once stood near the Agrium Plant.

"That track where the fire occurred is the inlet to our plant," said Rod Oglesby who is the Plant Manager for the Agrium Plant. "We won't be able to get rail traffic in and out of the plant until the repairs made."

However plant officials say the damage to the track won't affect their business to much.

"We have other modes of supply to our customers, we have truck traffic and right now we have a lot of truck traffic because it's spring planting season," Oglesby said. "We also have the pipeline that we transport our product in so that's no problem there."

Bridge repairs should begin soon as OmniTrax who is in charge of Panhandle Northern Railroad is currently figuring out the best way to restore service.

"Well there's options, one is to repair the bridge in place which could take up to a month to do, the other option is to size culverts in back fail so the bridge is removed and we never have the issue again," said Darcy Brede who is the President of OmniTrax.

Brede believes they will go with option two so they can just fill the gap in with dirt and then repair the track.

Once repairs start, the track would then be fully functional in about 7 to 10 days.