Park Place Towers Standoff Update

Park Place Towers Standoff Update

Amarillo, TX - Park Central officials are trying to determine what to do with an elderly resident who police say caused a two-hour standoff Monday afternoon at Park Place Towers.

The resident, who police say is in his 90s, is being treated and evaluated at an area hospital after reportedly making suicidal statements while handling a gun. The incident resulted in the Amarillo Police Department, SWAT and the Bomb Squad being called to the scene.

Park Central Vice President Wes Langham said they are waiting on the resident's medical evaluation to determine if he can stay at their facility or if he needs to be moved to a place with more extensive care.

A man who visited his mother at Park Place Towers on Monday said employees of Park Central handled the standoff situation well. "The employees were very professional," said Avin Brownlee. "They kept all  the residents quite calm. We were able to get a little information about what was going on by kind of eavesdropping. They weren't really telling very much. And the police were very polite. I don't think any of the residents really felt seriously threatened."

Langham said guns are prohibited at all their Park Central properties, but they do not search resident's belongings before they move in. Even with a concealed handgun license, you can't bring a gun inside a nursing home facility under Texas law.