Trestle bridge fire now out after several hours of burning

Trestle bridge fire now out after several hours of burning

Borger, TX - A fire is now out after five departments spent several hours at a trestle bridge outside of Borger earlier Tuesday.

Hutchinson County Fire Officials say around 3:30 this afternoon they were able to put the fire completely out.

They plan to keep three fire trucks on scene to monitor hot spots throughout the evening due to the high winds.

"We called for mutual aid from all of our area fire departments...but today is of particular concern because of the wind," said Danny Richards who is the Emergency Management Coordinator for the City of Borger.

Due to the strong winds, Richards says they did a partial evacuation of a nearby trailer park and of all the farm animals in the vicinity.

This particular fire was a challenge because of the unique bridge design and while fire officials have seen a fire like this before they say it's a lot of work to put out.

"Based on other trestle fires it takes several hours and lots and lots of water and equipment to get because it's creosote treated timbers," Richards said.

The timbers also cause an added risk to firefighters due to the toxic smoke they give off. However the smoke is only toxic up close and not dangerous to those farther away.

The train tracks are used by many of the industries in Borger.

Now that the fire is out train officials are coming out to survey the extensive damage and begin repairs.

Officials plan to go out to the site Wednesday morning to try to determine the cause of the fire.