Palo Duro Canyon fire declared under control

Palo Duro Canyon fire declared under control

A wildfire in The Palo Duro Canyon has now been declared under control.

25 personnel worked all day to put out the fire, including crews from the Randall County Fire Department and the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department.

The Randall County Fire Chief, James Amerson, says the remote location of this wildfire is made it complicated for crews to extinguish. "Well this fire's location makes it difficult. You know normally we can drive a truck to the scene and work off of a truck. This fire we have had to hike equipment and men back a half a mile in and all the work is being done with hand tools. So it is a tough job these guys are doing, but they are doing a great job."

The blaze started from a camp stove in a back-packing area in the far south end of the park, near the equestrian trail.

Troy Ducheneaux with the The Texas A&M Forest Service says it is important for people to be prepared for coming to the canyon. "We always encourage people to think about what they are doing before they start doing it with a park personnel. If they are going to be doing outdoor camping and using a camp stove or a camp fire ... check to see if it is permitted in that particular area. And have a type of plan setup incase there is a wildfire. That way they can know their way out and ways to contact the emergency personnel as quickly as possible."

The Texas A&M Forest Service says they already preparing for wildfires this season. "We are actually seeing a bit of growth within the Texas A&M forest service we are adding 100 new personnel throughout the state and 30 to 35 personnel added in The Panhandle area. So we are bolstering up to bring up our efforts to assist the local fire departments throughout The Panhandle Region."

No injuries were reported and fire officials are still investigating the incident to determine if charges will be filed.