Daylight Saving Adjustments

Daylight Saving Adjustments

Even though we do it every year, it still takes some time for people to adjust to losing one hour of sleep and it could take up to weeks until you are feeling normal.

A sure sign that spring is coming is when it is time to turn the clocks forward one hour. for some people, losing that hour can be hard.

Amarillo resident, Glenda Beck says sleep is very important and when she doesn't get enough she feels sluggish.

Physicians in the area say it is not just one day of feeling sluggish, your body can take longer to adjust.

Assistant Professor Aparajita Mishra said, " It takes a good two to four weeks, sometimes longer. Some people have like chronic jet lag. But most people do take about two weeks to get adjusted to this rhythm."

Adults are not the only ones who need to get use to this.

"Children are mostly ones that get affected by this because they sleep a lot longer and any change in the light and day system causes a lot disturbance in their cycles." said Mishra

But there are some people who are use to it and like it.

Amarillo resident David Gleason said, "I hated losing the hour of sleep but I love later hours in the afternoon so it's a good thing."

For those who miss the hour, can get it back in the fall.