Stand off resolved at Park Central Retirement Community

Stand off resolved at Park Central Retirement Community

Amarillo, TX - Police and SWAT officers resolved a two-hour standoff in downtown Amarillo caused by an elderly man Monday afternoon.

The Amarillo Police Department, SWAT, and the Bomb Squad were called to the Park Street Towers at 1300 S. Harrison Street around 2 p.m. Monday. Police said an elderly resident in his 90s created quite a stir by making suicidal statements while handling a gun.

"The individual's wife believed that he was going to harm himself, so at that point officers were called," explained Sergeant Brent Barbee.

Police blocked off Harrison Street between 12th and 15th Avenues and warned staff members at the First Baptist Church across the street to get away from the windows.

"We came out and were able to make contact with the woman in the room. She was able to get out of the room finally," said Barbee. "He then wouldn't cooperate with the officers, wouldn't indicate what exactly he was going to do next and wouldn't communicate. So, when they realized he had a gun in his hand, at that point they just pulled back, locked the area down, started moving people out of the way and arranging for SWAT and for hostage negotiators to get out here and try to talk to the man and see what we can do to get him out safely."

Within about two hours, the SWAT team was able to peacefully negotiate with the resident and convince him to exit the room.

"We don't have any indication of criminal intent or any criminal misconduct whatsoever," said Barbee. "What we have here is someone who is in distress and made some statements that indicated that he needed some help. And right now we're going to treat it as a mental health deal and see if we can get him taken care of."

At this time, police are working with his family to arrange medical care.

Madison Alewel - NewsChannel 10