Facebook's New Rules on Gun Sales

Facebook's New Rules on Gun Sales

A popular social networking site is cracking down on its gun selling policy.

Facebook outlined new rules designed to stop users from selling guns on their website without a background checks.

This new change is mostly geared toward minors. Minors will be blocked from seeing posts about gun sales and trades. Any time Facebook receives a report about a post promoting the private sale of regulated goods...like a gun, it will send a message to that user reminding them to comply with laws and regulations.

According to Facebook, they want to make sure people are not breaking the law... Like avoiding background checks. even one local gun shop owner uses Facebook to sell guns... But says there are still rules to follow.

Burnie Stokes is a local gun shop owner at Panhandle Gunslingers. He says, "What is happening is because a few people that are not playing by the rules are having to make the rest of us suffer because they want to be cute and think that it's their right or privilege to engage in the sales of firearms."

There are several Amarillo gun selling and trading groups already showing a concern about Facebooks' new rules. Most of them want to be able to have a private sale without any regulations. Anyone searching on Instagram for sales of firearms will also have to follow these rules from Facebook.