A new SAT for high school students

A new SAT for high school students

Amarillo, TX - The College Board is trying to make the SAT more accessible to lower income students.

This week, the board rolled out a new design for the SAT that includes some helpful resources for students who need them.

Test prep books and tutors can be costly, and not all students can afford those extra resources. To combat that issue, the College Board is partnering with Kahn Academy to offer those resources online for free. Lower income students who take the SAT will also receive four college application fee waivers.

"I really think that this new step for the SAT is going to be advantageous," said Amarillo College Gear Up director Jodi Lindseth. "Truly, any step we can take to take barriers away from students going from high school to post-secondary is just a great improvement."

The college board is changing many other aspects of the SAT to make it more cohesive with what students are actually learning in high school. Those changes will take effect in the spring of 2016.

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Madison Alewel - NewsChannel 10