Plum Creek Nursing Home is Making Improvements

Plum Creek Nursing Home is Making Improvements

An Amarillo nursing home is identified as providing poor quality care to their residents but they plan to change that.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services recently updated their Special Focus Facility list of nursing homes not providing quality service in the United States.

Plum Creek Healthcare Center in Amarillo has been on this list since June of 2012.

But they're hoping all that will change as they continue to make improvements to get themselves off that list.

Residents at the nursing home say they have notice the changes and are very pleased with the service.

Mr. Veach has been at the Plum Creek for 2 months and says, "It is such a great place. There's not one person here as high up as you want to go or the far down you want to go, that doesn't bend over backwards to help you do anything you want to do."

Their main focus to get off the Special Focus Facility list is getting the staff and physicians more involved and meeting all the needs of the residents.

One of the biggest changes Plum Creek has implemented is changing management companies, which is said to be the best improvement.