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Amarillo EnterPrize Challenge finalist

David Terry, Executive Director of the WT Enterprise Center David Terry, Executive Director of the WT Enterprise Center

Amarillo, TX - Entrepreneurs and small businesses in our area are receiving some help from a growing program put on by WT Enterprise Center.

It is called the "EnterPrize Challenge" and the WT Enterprise Center is now on its 18th year for the challenge. Seven finalists were selected today to present their business plans to judges.

They have the chance to win a share of $500,000. The executive director of the WT Enterprise Center, David Terry, says it provides local small businesses with coaching, workshops, and one on one strategy meetings with business coaches. "Without support and investment, small businesses will never grow. What an entrepreneur gets coming through the enterprise center, putting together a business plan, and then $100,000 dollars is not going to be last money they would ever have to raise... but it is a huge investment."

We spoke with one of the seven finalists, Robert Mills, about why they decided to be apart of the challenge. "It would be difficult to for someone to just take off and try it cold turkey and try to set up a business. When you have these tools you don't want to ignore them. The Amarillo Economic Development Corporation provides the funding for the "EnterPrize Challenge".

The vice president of the corporation, Steve Pritchett, says this program is like no other. "It is unique in the fact primarily that there is such a large amount of grant funding available. But secondly, the coaching and the training that is made available to these participants to the Enterprise Center, that in its self is worth the time and effort."

Even if a participant is not awarded a grant. Entrepreneurs and small businesses registered to be a part of the challenge back in August. On March 25th they will announce the winner of the challenge.

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