Morning after pill restrictions in Oklahoma

Morning after pill restrictions in Oklahoma

Access to the morning after pill in Oklahoma is one step closer to becoming more restricted in the state.

Girls younger than 17 would no longer be able to buy the so-called morning after pill without a prescription in Oklahoma if a bill that was just passed by the state Senate moves forward.

The Senate voted 33-11 for the bill Wednesday, which now heads to the house for consideration. The bill was written by a republican senator who is also a pharmacist.

The legislation prohibits girls younger than 17 from purchasing the morning-after emergency contraceptive without a prescription. Democrats who voted against the bill argued it would lead to more unwanted teenage pregnancies, and likely more abortions.

The senator who wrote the bill has responded saying the emergency contraceptive is a powerful drug, young people's access should be limited. Also, his bill addresses a "public-health issue, not a pro-life issue."