Non-Surgical, Leadless Pacemaker

Non-Surgical, Leadless Pacemaker

It is called the Nanostim.

It is a new pacemaker that is smaller, more efficient, and doesn't require surgery.

We're told it is implanted by a steerable catheter that runs up to the heart, leaving patients without a lump or scar.

Doctors are also saying it is a short procedure and the recovery time is said to be much shorter as well.

Dr. Prakash k. Desai from the Amarillo Heart Group says, "Once you put the catheter inside, it's easy to put it in. As we go, there will be some learning curve, different patient anatomy will provide some challenges and we'll learn from that. But, in the end I think this will be a very good system for the patients and they will be widely accepted in the united states and elsewhere."

There are now 8 centers in the United States with this new pacemaker.

Doctors are hoping the study is expected to spread to 50 centers across the United States.

As of now, there are three people in Amarillo who have this new pacemaker.