VA Center offers counseling to active duty members

VA Center offers counseling to active duty members

Amarillo, TX - Active duty service members go through a lot to protect this country.That's why the Amarillo Vet Center has started a new program for active duty service members to get counseling.

LaTreca Guthrie is a team leader for the Amarillo Vet Center and she says it can be hard for active duty services members to adjust to civilian life.

And it is not just for any active duty member.

Guthrie says, "They have to been in a combat zone, so they have to be...we usually look at their discharge paper, their DD-214, they would tell us if they'd been in a combat zone."

This program is also for their families as well.

"Lot of times they have a lot they have to go through too, with their main person in their family, or a parent, husband, a wife, whoever being deployed they have other roles they have to take up." said Guthrie

The program includes other services like  Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder treatment and military sexual trauma counseling for both genders.

And even if they move away from Amarillo, the program is available not matter where they go.

"This is a program that's going on across the whole united states with all the vet centers." says Guthrie.

So, if an active duty service member needs it, they can use it.