One step closer to "Merry Christmas" in Oklahoma schools

Oklahoma is one step closer to saying "Merry Christmas." The Oklahoma House has approved a bill allowing public school students and staff members to greet each other with traditional phrases like "Merry Christmas" and "Happy Hanukkah."

The House voted overwhelmingly 73-10 for the measure, and will now go to the Senate.

A representative from Norman wrote the bill saying the legislation will protect Oklahoma schools from lawsuits over religious-based holiday displays.

Under the bill, public schools can display scenes or symbols associated with traditional winter celebrations on school property providing they include more than one religion, or one religion and at least one secular symbol.

Opponents say such displays are already allowed in schools. A proposal to include Kwanzaa., which honors African heritage, was tabled. If this bill is passed, it will take effect September 1st, in time for this years holidays.