New Mexico texting ban signed into law

New Mexico texting ban signed into law

It's now becoming a reality. No more texting and driving all across the state of New Mexico.

You'll now have to put the phone down while driving anywhere on roads in New Mexico. Governor Susana Martinez signed a bill into law Sunday afternoon banning texting while driving in the land of enchantment.

Martinez signed the bill while at the New Mexico office of the Medical Investigator, which does autopsies for every sudden, violent or unexpected death in the state, as a reminder of the dangers of texting and driving.

Drivers will be prohibited from sending or reading text messages or emails, or making internet searches. A $25 fine is in place for first time violations, and then will jump up to $50 for all others.

There are exceptions to the law, such as summoning medial or other emergency aid. Governor Martinez pushed for an initiative like this because of accidents related to texting and driving. Martinez said texting while driving is the leading cause of death for New Mexico teen drivers.