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WTAMU to open food pantry

Stephanie Brackett, Assistant Director of Student Activities Stephanie Brackett, Assistant Director of Student Activities

Canyon, TX - WT students on a tight budget will be able to find some relief when it comes to nutrition. Students came together to open a food pantry.

The idea came from a WT nursing student, Meredith Perdue, who noticed her classmates struggling to focus during class. "I saw a group of professors on campus who were involved in a very rigorous program of study, start to provide small snacks and small food items to their students, on exam days, days that required top performance, and what I learned is, some of these students were not performing as well and it was all due to food or nutrition insecurity."

Caleb Hubbard with WTAMU student government say this pantry will be run by student organizations, so this will provide students with opportunities to volunteer. "This going to help students learn, help students volunteer, and help student to be a better college student because they are actually full."

Stephanie Brackett, is the Assistant Director of Student Activities and she says everyone coming together to create this pantry is a reflection of the sense of community at WT. "It speaks a lot for our community family that students would see their fellow students are struggling and really want to help them in this way. I think it speaks a lot for this campus community and our family here at WT."

Perdue says she hopes the food pantry will expand and become apart of WT tradition. "I would love to see it maybe grow into academic programs and a community garden. You know with our agriculture program, something like that. I hope we really start to turn this into a student led, student sustained, student service project."

The High Plains Food Bank has been working with WT, to get the pantry ready for their grand opening on March 18th, 2014.

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