Rotary Clubs to collect items for "Crutches 4 Africa"

Rotary Clubs to collect items for "Crutches 4 Africa"

Dumas, TX - Items you may just have sitting around in your house, could be life-changing to a person in another country.

In 2005 David Talbot who is the Founder of "Crutches 4 Africa" saw something he couldn't forget while working on a documentary in Africa.

"I saw a woman who was in a desperate situation, her right foot was twisted up behind her back shoulder from Polio and what she had for a crutch was a fresh tree branch," said David Tolbot who is the Founder of  "Crutches 4 Africa".

Talbot who had Polio as a child and then ten years ago began re-experiencing symptoms, came up with the idea to provide crutches and walkers along with other items to people afflicted with Polio in less fortunate countries.

"I saw that and realized in the United States we have, we've got so much surplus of this material, crutches, walkers, wheelchairs and people don't know what to do with it when they are done," Talbot explained.

In order to collect large amounts of these items Talbot has partnered with Rotary Clubs around the country to hold collection drives.

"There's probably hundreds of people like me that have these just sitting around collecting dust, don't know what to do with them," said Laura Burnson who is the President of the Dumas Rotary Club.

The Dumas, Borger and Dalhart Rotary Clubs are coming together to collect the needed items from now through the end of April and help "Crutches 4 Africa" reach their goal of helping one million people.

"We've been able to give mobility to 56,000 people so far," Talbot said."It's absolutely amazing to see someone take their first steps when they are 19 years old because we've been able to give them the tools they need to be able to move, it's very rewarding."

If you would like to donate to the Dumas Chapter you may drop off your items at Dalhart Federal Savings and Loan or at Witt Motors in Dumas.

You may also contact Laura Burnson who is the President of the Dumas Chapter of the Rotary Club by phone at (806) 930-4678. She is also willing to come pick up your items if you live in the Dumas or Amarillo areas.