Carbon monoxide dangers

Carbon monoxide dangers

Amarillo, TX - Some in our area have concerns about carbon monoxide dangers at businesses, after a fatal incident in a New York restaurant.

In 2012 Amarillo required carbon monoxide alarms in all single family homes when there is an attached garage or fuel gas appliances are installed.

We spoke with Scott McDononald with The Department of Building Safety at The city of Amarillo about what the regulations are for businesses here.

"We don't have any specific requirements for commercial businesses to have those. It is a very good idea for anyone that has human occupation to have some sort of carbon monoxide protection system."

Caption Jacob Oehlert with the The Fire Department says business located in a basement may be more susceptible to carbon monoxide poisoning.

"We do get called to businesses and other locations, outside of the home. That have carbon monoxide levels. You know from hotels, to restaurants. We have been to all of them on carbon monoxide calls before."

McDonald says even though Amarillo does not currently have regulations for business owners to have a detector, people should not be concerned about going into establishments.

"I think for many of our restaurants, we look at ventilation air on a regular basis and a lot of those systems are inspected as far as the vent hoods, so we have a decent idea of what is happening in that environment."