February 25th Blizzard Anniversary

February 25th Blizzard Anniversary

It was one year ago today the Panhandle was hit by the huge blizzard.

It's still hard to believe.

"I didn't think it was going to be as bad as what everyone was saying it was going to be." said Emily Garcia, a local resident in the Panhandle.

The blizzard that hit last year brought the Panhandle to a stand still.

"We basically just did like everybody else, just try and do what you could and get people at least to where it was warm." said David Ferril.

The roads in Amarillo were closed and covered with 19 inches of snow. Many people were stuck in their homes and business for several hours.

Garcia was stuck at work for about 29 hours during the snow. "I was there from 2pm Sunday until about 6...I got off the clock around  6 Monday, 6pm Monday."

The snow was so bad it did damages to cars.

"My tires were covered and it was so cold it killed my battery. So, my car stayed there for a few days." said Garcia.

Other organizations did their best to help local law enforcement help as many people get to a warm and safe place.

"We worked well into the next day probably even into the third day of the storm trying to get everybody picked up and get people back into safe places." said Ferril.

TxDOT PIO Paul Braun says "Safety is the number one priority at TxDOT."

TxDOT Also says their crew handled the situation as best as they can because they were well prepared.

"We knew it was going to be a major snow event, not a lot of ice..we knew there was going to be a lot of blowing snow. We knew there was going to be a lot of drifting. So, we had the equipment ready for that." said Braun.

Because TxDOT was well prepared, they have little or no changes to make if a storm like his hits again.

"No, we would just continue to attack the same way we attack any storm that comes in like that."

And some are hoping that doesn't happen.

"I hope it never happens again." says Garcia.