New text message scam could lead to debit/credit card fraud

New text message scam could lead to debit/credit card fraud

Amarillo, TX - A text message could lead to your debit or credit card information being stolen.

Sometime Monday afternoon several local residents received a text message from an 806 number.

The message told recipients their Mastercard has been either Compromised or Suspended and to call a number listed in the message.

When they did they heard this..."Thank you for calling Mastercard 24 hour Activation Services".

It then asked callers to enter their 16 digit card number, their card expiration number and their PIN number.

Local banks and credit unions say they will never contact you over the phone or through a text message to gain financial information.

"Fortunately most of our members did not play along with the game, didn't even bother to make the phone call, but a few of them did and when they called they discovered it was not legitimate," said Arna Reynolds who is the President and CEO of Amarillo Federal Community Credit Union.

"Your best bet is to not answer it because they are going to be asking for information that only your bank would know and so your bank is not going to ask for that information," Stewart Dodson who is the Assistant Vice President of Electronic Banking/Credit Cards Manager at Amarillo National Bank.

If you did accidentally respond to the text make sure you call your bank or credit union immediately so they can suspend your card and begin filling out the proper paperwork.