Get up and move for your health

Get up and move for your health

Many jobs require sitting at a desk, which causes many of us to be seated all day long.

A new study suggest sitting for several hours creates health issues that can affect you...even as you get older. We're told by sitting long hours and not doing physical activity, you're heart can get weak. The lungs can lose capacity and the muscles lose strength.

Tracy Brewer is a Supervisor for billing and coding at Texas Tech University and she says, "I have constant knee pain, sitting in one position with your legs crossed and or in that same position. I have a small amount of cartilage on the back of my knee so that creates the knee cap sticking to the joint of the knee. I have to go in and have injections to have it lubricated. So, sitting in on position for long periods of time causes a lot of pain. It also causes hip pain and back pain."

The pain can also affect daily activities like eating, getting dressed, and even walking. And it can also lead to other diseases like heart failure, stroke, and other body complications.

There are ways to add light activity to your daily taking the stairs instead of the elevator, taking breaks at work away from the desk, and getting up from watching TV during commercials.