Crews working to determine cause of fire that destroyed downtown Amarillo warehouse

Crews working to determine cause of fire that destroyed downtown Amarillo warehouse

Amarillo, TX - Crews are working to determine the cause of a fire that destroyed a downtown Amarillo warehouse.

Crews have been working to remove debris from the building to find where the fire started. Officials say it happened around 5:00 Sunday morning on February, 23rd, 2014 on 1st and Tyler.

Deputy Fire Marshal, John Woodward, says they have several different agencies working together. "We have The Randall County Sheriff's Office, Randall County Fire Department, Canyon Fire Department, Amarillo Fire Marshals Office and The State fire Office, Investigators from each of those various departments are here. Capt. Jacob Oehlert says Fire crews and other agencies were called to help because it is such a large area. "A Fire in a large building has the potential to have a large loss and just you know overall square footage, and you know the main cause is to find the origin of the fire and then determine what started it. Just when you are doing bigger building you call in more manpower, more skilled manpower to help you make that determination."

Oehlert says fire investigators are skilled at finding the cause of fire's on large structures like this. "There are tell tell signs that are given with those types of fires. And those are the things they are looking for. That is what they are skilled in doing and they are very good at it."

Right now they are trying to get to the basement which is 20 feet down, but first they have to suction a large amount of water from that area.

Fire Officials say the investigation will take anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks. No injuries were reported at the time of this fire.