Large Donation for Haven House

Amarillo, TX - An Amarillo program that has been helping women get back on their feet over the past several years is also getting a helping hand as Saturday was a day of satisfaction and accomplishment as a resident reached a milestone in her sobriety, but that was just the tip of the iceberg of excitement going on for the program.

Amarillo's Downtown Women's Center has created "Haven House" to educate women in our area who need extra guidance with basic needs and skills. Recently, an anonymous donor granted Haven House two full books of United stickers to purchase more cookware for the shelters and residents say it was truly a blessing.

A case manager for the program also shared a success story of one former Amarillo most wanted who has gone on to become a working and functioning person in society. Representatives for Haven House take pride that this program not only focuses on the residents financial needs, but that they also focus on their spiritual, physical, and individual needs for each woman.

Haven House representatives also said they welcome any more United stickers as they will be put to good use. They are also gearing up for their largest fundraiser of the year happening this May.