Homeowner helps APD search for suspects who broke into his own home

Homeowner helps APD search for suspects who broke into his own home

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Amarillo, TX - A homeowner in south Amarillo is helping police solve his own home break in, with advancing technology.

Amarillo Crime Stoppers tells us there is a good chance the suspects in this particular home burglary will be caught pretty quickly, all thanks to the clear images from a home security system.

"Before I put them up there, I had an idea of who one of the persons was because it's someone that we recognize, and then we had other officers recognize other people so we already got some pretty good suspects in house," Corporal Sean Slover with the Amarillo Crime Stoppers said.

Although no arrests have been made as of Friday, Slover says it wont be long. "This might be what makes or breaks a case for him," Slover said. Security systems can cost anywhere from 99 to a few hundred dollars, but you may not need to spend a lot of money to get professional results at your home.

"Security systems can start at a fairly inexpensive price from a hundred dollars on the instillation to whatever you want to invest to put more detection in the home," Danny Bixler with Allstate Security told us.

Regardless of what system you decided to install, Bixler says anything is better than nothing, especially now with advancing technology, you can have a system that provides high tech results.

"The cameras that you are getting that go in your home are actually mega-pixel type cameras so you are getting good shots and you are getting something that the police can use to hopefully catch and apprehend the people who have broken into your home, " Bixel said.

But if you plan on installing it yourself, make sure it's done correctly. 'It's just making sure if you do something like that make sure you install it correctly and its recording all the information and it's there when you need it," Bixel said.

Colleen Nelson - NewsChannel 10