Reeves-Hinger Elementary students start their first Walk-A-Thon

Reeves-Hinger Elementary students start their first Walk-A-Thon

Canyon, TX - The playground at Reeves-Elementary school isn't too exciting to some of their students.

Special needs teacher, Jodi Davis said, "We have about 700 students a year that play on that play ground, so they're pretty wore out."

But hopefully all that will change. The students started their first Walk-A-Thon to help raise money for new equipment for their playgrounds.

Davis said, "Each student went home with a pledge book and they walked around and asked their family, neighbors, and friends to pledge money for the Walk-A-Thon for them today."

And when they came to school today, each student walked as many laps as they can around campus for an hour, hoping for that new equipment. Some of the students say they're getting swings, a rock climbing area, and monkey bars. The school also wants to accommodate for some of the younger students and students with special needs.

"We also have a large population here of special needs students, and we will be putting in some new special needs equipment." Davis says.

And that equipment will be handicap swings. Some of our equipment they're still able to play on, but the one thing that they're not able to do is swing. So, we're really excited about getting new swings." Davis said.

Teachers hope the new equipment on the playgrounds will help students move and exercise more. Davis said, "They need the fresh air and the outside activity and just having a good time outside just to give their little brains a break."

If the school is able to raise enough money to get the new equipment, the students at Reeves-Hinger and kids in the Canyon community can enjoy the playgrounds on the weekends as well...which make some kids very happy.