WT student witnesses political turmoil in Ukraine first hand

WT student witnesses political turmoil in Ukraine first hand

Canyon, TX - As a peace agreement was reached in the Ukraine Friday, one area student has seen the turmoil first hand.

"I came to the Ukraine in August of 2013," said Daniela Fierro who is a West Texas A&M University student who is currently studying abroad in the Ukraine.

But it would only be a few months before Fierro would be on the cusp of experiencing Ukraine's political saga first hand. "Well it began in the end of November because President Yanukovych who wanted to initially lean towards Western Europe decide to stop all negotiations with the European Union and opted to have closer ties with Russia," Fierro explained. "At the very, very beginning it was very, very calm I as actually there when it first began."

But then on Tuesday things turned from peaceful to violent.

"They called for a Peace, for a Truce, but none of them seemed to hold their part so people started chewing at each other and there were Molotovs being thrown all over and it was a very dangerous place to be at," said Fierro.

Fierro says since the peace agreement was signed earlier today she has felt the area calming down a bit. But the experience has changed her. "Since I've been here, I've realized I've taken so much for granted back in America," Fierro explained. "I feel different now because I've live in a country where there was political turmoil and things like that so I feel like I can now accept things easier."