Randall 4-H Dream Project

Randall 4-H Dream Project

Texas A&M Agrilife Extension has put together a project helping at risk youth in Canyon get involved through Randall 4-H Dream Project.

The goal is to help at risk kids who can't afford to participate in 4-H.

They recently formed a committee board to bring in more funding and to make plans for expansion.

Kids commit to five months and 300 hours to care for an animal for the county stock show.

Normally participating in 4-H can be pricey, but the dream project makes it possible.

Shannon Walsh with Texas A&M Agrilife Extension says it is 100-percent free to the participants that we select to go into the program.

"Like a swine project is about $1,250 and currently we have accommodations and contributions and a grant from the state of Texas so they don't have to invest anything from their own pocket."

A board member, Robert Karrh, says being involved in 4-H can steer the direction of a kid's life. "And if we can help any of those children, I think this is a great place to do it. And I think it will turn a lot of them around. Instead of going to juvenile delinquency route, they will come to the 4-H route."

Walsh says another driving force behind the project is to educate kids about agriculture "Today's youth are tomorrows decision makers and we want those youth as they start to be the decision makers for our communities to be friends with agriculture and to understand the importance of it. This will also benefit kids when they graduate from high school.

80 % of any proceeds made from the sale at stock show will be placed into the 4-H foundation for the kids. They will be able to access those funds later for higher education or skilled training following high school.