Fleas and Ticks Surviving the Winter on Your Pet

Fleas and Ticks Surviving the Winter on Your Pet
Veterinarian Alexandra Mooney
Veterinarian Alexandra Mooney

Even though it's winter season...there's bugs out there.

"I definitely see an increase in fleas and especially ticks I've noticed a lot more." said veterinarian, Alexandra Mooney.

Fleas and ticks are back early this year as we approach spring time.

"I'm noticing a lot more of that up here in the Panhandle region, especially now with the warmer weather in the winter."

Once our weather is at least in the thirty's, fleas and ticks can survive  if they find a host...and in most cases that host is your pet.

If you want to check your dog for fleas and ticks you can use your fingers to look through their fur, or you can use a flea comb.

Veterinarians recommend treatment on your dog once a month all year long.

Mooney recommends Frontline Plus if your dog has fleas or ticks. 

And there's a lot more disease that comes along with fleas and ticks that most people don't realize.

"Not only skin infections, but allergies. And then ticks can also transmit anemia. They can also go as far as having tick paralysis, which can be life threatening to the dog." Said Mooney. 

If you see a flea or tick on your dog, it's best to get them looked at  right away...no matter what season it is.