Texas taking another look at women's health programs

Texas taking another look at women's health programs

A Texas senate panel is checking back on women's health programs after funding was shifted in state budgets.

The Texas Senate Health and Human Services Committee is checking in on women's health programs. This comes as protesters prepare to voice their opinions on the recent exclusion of Planned Parenthood from state budgeting.

 The panel is set to meet Wednesday to check on various programs approved last year where money was shifted away from clinics associated with groups that provide abortions, such as Planned Parenthood.

The legislature voted to shift those funds to things such as preventative health care. Women's health advocates worry those programs are not reaching the neediest in the state the same way Planned Parenthood clinics did.

The state could bring some funding back to those programs, or things could stay exactly as they are. This is going to be something we have to wait and see what is found in their study, and really what the legislature wants to do with that information.