Arrest turns to foot chase for APD officers

Arrest turns to foot chase for APD officers

Amarillo Police thought they were just pulling someone over for expired registration...but that was just the beginning.

It happened Tuesday afternoon at Amarillo Blvd. East in the Taco Bell parking lot.

A motorcycle officer pulls over a vehicle for expired registration and inspection sticker. The police identify him as Chad Michael Richards.

When he was pulled over he was checked for outstanding warrants. Richards has two out of Gray County and one out of Potter County.

Richards was removed from his vehicle, placed in handcuffs and then seated here at the curb.

Police say Richards slipped his handcuff in front of him and took off running across the parking lot.

The arrest then turned into a foot chase as the officer chases Richards across the street from the Taco Bell parking lot over to behind the CVS Pharmacy.

He then passed North Buchanan Street and 9th Avenue and made his way over to Lincoln Street.

Officers eventually caught up with Richards where they regained control of him and re-handcuffed him.

After officers secured Richards, they report finding several pieces of identifying information like social security cards, credit cards, and personal checks from other people.

Corporal Jerry Neufeld said, " Just a simple traffic violation...and inspection sticker, registration...what would be a non moving violation lead to felony arrest and getting this guy off the streets." 

And this is something that happens more often than you think. ADP says a motorcycle officer makes arrest two or three times a day. 

"They're going to go ahead and effect that arrest and put hand cuffs on that individual." Neufeld said. 

Once that happens, the motorcycle officer will call for a marked unit to take the arrest away.

Neufled said it may be two of three minutes, it may be ten of twelve minutes waiting for that additional marked unit. 

But no matter how tough the situation may be, the Amarillo police department says it has it under control. 

Richards is in the Potter County jail for those three outstanding warrants along with Aggravated Assault on a Peace Officer, Escape from Custody, and Fraudulent use or Possession of Identifying Information.