City of Canyon sees construction jump

City of Canyon sees construction jump

Steady growth in Canyon results in a jump in construction for the city.

The city of around 13,000 people reached a record high of 61 homes built just this last year. This is up from five years ago, when the average was around 25 homes built.

Most of the construction is single family homes and one of the main reasons being attributed to more houses being built in canyon is the new housing development Canyon East.

Kent Meyer with Lyons Realty says it offers something Canyon did not have before. "We are seeing a price range of homes that has not really been offered to Canyon in the past ... that's around 200,000 like 180 to 200,000. Prior to the last year to year and a half ... we haven't had that in Canyon it has been more high-end homes."

Canyon's Director of Code and Enforcement, Danny Cornelius, says the rise in construction is helping the city out economically. "It has helped us out economically, you know it helps us to grow. Of course when you have more people here they shop in Canyon, and our sales taxes increase and it is just always good for a community to grow and Canyon has had that growth at a level that has not just been uncontrolled growth, but it has been a good steady growth."

The city anticipates the number of homes being built in Canyon will continue to grow. "Typically we are doing 50 lots at a time ... well Canyon East unit number 3 is going to be 98 single family home lots, so it looks like the next couple of years should be good."

It is not just single family home growth, Canyon is also seeing growth with apartment construction.