APD warrant round up begins

APD warrant round up begins

Amarillo, TX - The Amarillo Municipal Court is looking for you if you have an outstanding warrant.

The warrant round up started Tuesday and those with outstanding Municipal Court warrants will be getting warrant notices in the mail.

Currently there are over 35 thousand dollars in outstanding warrants, which is more than last year. We're told this equals approximately 12-million dollars.

Municipal Court Administrator said, "A lot of it is people who have forgotten they got a traffic citation or people who came in and have already pled guilty to public intox or a theft and then they didn't follow through with the judges orders. That's a high percentage of them."

The Amarillo Municipal Court says the reason behind the Warrant round up is to make people accountable for their actions. Starting March 3rd, for those who have not paid their warrant the Amarillo Police Department will go to their homes, work, or wherever they can be contacted to arrest them.

If you're on the list, the APD advises you clear up your warrant within the next two weeks.

To check if you're on the list for outstanding warrants, click this link.