Residents fed up with cars crashing into their property

Residents fed up with cars crashing into their property

AMARILLO, TX - Some Amarillo residents claim drunk driving, drag racing and just plain ol' speeding are big problems in their neighborhood.

It sounds like a major road or highway, and residents near 45th Street and Preston Street say drivers treat it like one too. "They're racing, they speed," Cindy Pfeiffer said.

Pfeiffer's fence is down for the third time in two years, after a car crashed into it Monday afternoon. "The gentleman was speeding and he went through the fence and kept going, demolished the mimosa tree, and then got stopped by the other shed, she said.

Pfeiffer doesn't know how much it will cost to fix her fence and shed, but she says she wasn't surprised because speeding and drunk driving have always been an issue on 45th.

NewsChannel 10 brought our own radar gun to see for ourselves, and clocked people driving as fast as 48 miles per hour around the curve. The speed limit on that section of 45th is 35 miles per hour, and many slowed to 35 mph when they saw us with the gun.

But Pfeiffer's across the street neighbor, Jesse Esparza, has lived in his home for 30 years and say's speeding has always been a problem. "Like anything else, if the law is not enforced, you could drop it to 30, it's 35 right now, and there will still be accidents," Esparza said.

He says 10 cars have crashed into his property over the years. Esparza is finishing up moving his fence several feet back from the street, but says he wishes he didn't have to.

He and Pfeiffer want increased patrols in the area and maybe some cameras at nearby lights. If not to protect their property, to at least prevent potential injuries or death. "I'd like to see if they could put a stop to the racing down 45th. I'm afraid that next time it's going to go through my house," Pfeiffer said.

NewsChannel 10 was able to speak with the police department or the city about this issue, but both residents say they plan to reach out to them themselves.