An early homecoming

An early homecoming

Amarillo, TX - Flags waved throughout Rick Husband International airport this week as family and friends crowded a terminal to welcome home an Amarillo soldier. There wasn't a dry eye in the airport as an Amarillo family got an early Valentine's gift after Rhace Bernal returned home early from his deployment in Afghanistan.

The husband, son, and father of one was greeted by family and many supporters but the return home was anything but simple. Even though Rhace wasn't supposed to be home for another several months, his early homecoming was still delayed due to the recent blast of winter weather, but a total stranger made his delay less unpleasant.

This random act of kindness meant a great deal to Bernal's wife and family. Rhace was not only greeted home by his family and friends, but by plenty of supporters as "America Supports You of Texas" plan the military homecomings when they are notified and do their best to get as many people out for support.

This event hits home for the group organizers and many who volunteer as they have sons, daughters, friends, and people they know serving and protecting our country.  

"America Supports You Texas" ended the flag line in prayer and presented the couple with a $50 gift card to Texas Roadhouse.  Many workers at Rick Husband Airport and even travelers completely stopped what they were doing to welcome home Rhace and show their support to his family.

The military homecomings are also just a few of the events "We Support You Texas" hosts, with their next big event happening this May.