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Sand Drags will be affected by the construction on the Canadian River Bridge

The annual Sand Drags are happening next weekend and if you're gearing up for the event, it
might take you a little bit longer to get there. 

The biggest challenge this year at the Sand Drags won't just be the rowdy crowds. It's the increase of traffic because highway 287 near the Canadian River Bridge is down to one

Potter County will join forces with Texas Games and Wildfire, DPS, and The National Park Services to make traffic control run as smoothly as possible. 

Potter County Sheriff Brian Thomas said, "Traffic, again like I said will be a huge problem. Most of the people are pulling trucks and trailers down there with all their equipment...RV's, travel trailers, what have you...and so we're having to route some traffic differently to get through all that mess as well."

Parking will also be an issue this year. In the past people would park under the bridge but because of the active construction zone, no one will be allowed to leave their vehicle under the bridge. 

Along with the new road conditions, county sheriff and DPS are focusing hard on celebrating safely.
Senior Trooper Chris Ray said, "With people drinking and driving, the chances of having a collision go up. So, we're going to enforcing that. Hopefully we can keep anything from happening." 

They also want to make sure there's enough crowd control that weekend. 
"We get a lot of people that go down there because they think it's a free party...they go down there and just raise havoc, drink beer, get drunk,  and that's not what it's about." Brain Thomas said. 

It's about having fun, but doing it in a safe way. 

People will see warning signs up ahead as they approach the Canadian River. TxDOT is advising to follow directions and be patient.

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