Randall High School club makes a large donation

Randall High School club makes a large donation

Amarillo, TX - Some Randall High School students go above and beyond for a local charity in our area.

For the past twelve years the Randall High Key Club has been volunteering at The Ronald McDonald House.

"We are very impressed with the young leadership at Randall High School Key Club, they've actually been doing dinners for us, for the families that are staying here at the house," said Jan Plequette who is the Project Director at the Ronald McDonald House of Amarillo.

"We made the crescent pizza pockets, it was my first time making them, but I had a lot help and so it turned out really good and we had a lot of fun," Kayla Morton who is the Randall High Key Club Editor explained.

In addition to cooking dinner for The Ronald McDonald House, they also surprised them with a large donation.

"We donated books and toys, we had a huge toy and book drive for our members and they all brought stuff," said Morton.

"One of the most amazing things is they made almost 50 flannel pillowcases," Plequette stated.

"We had stations set up and it was like ironing and sewing and we set up the templates, and then we had them sewn, and just the stacks built up and it was just really cool being able to see all that come together," explained Elizabeth Innis who is the Randall High Key Club Historian.

And the students say seeing it come together and the impact it has on the children and families associated with The Ronald McDonald House really makes an impression on them.

"It was great just being able to do something greater than yourself and to be able to just make an impact even if it's just a small way," Innis said.

"It just makes me feel really good that I'm helping make a difference in somebody's life, like I'm making a child smile, I'm helping their parents have the hope that they are going to get to go home," stated Tylnn Bourquin who is the Randall High Key Club Senior Class Representative.

"It's just nice to help people out and be part of something bigger and just make the kids and families feel more at home," Morton said.